The Big Balloon


Things get a little out of hand when Suni and her friends try to set the world record for the biggest water balloon!

Frozen Snacks


Snack time is almost ruined when Suni discovers that her kitchen is completely frozen over!

The Bouncy House


It’s Suni’s big half-birthday party and balloons aren’t the only things floating around.

Super Sleepover


It’s Suni and Tammy’s first-ever sleepover, but when Tammy’s afraid of the dark, the girls rely on a nightlight to save the night.

Loud Noises


Suni’s friend Ian doesn’t like loud noises, and when a loud ice cream truck comes through the neighborhood, it’s up to Suni to keep things quiet.

Pool Day


Summer has arrived and the neighborhood kids are enjoying Suni’s new pool, but when a super cannonball causes a leak, Suni must jump into action.

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