God Wants Us To Make Peace


Bob the Tomato has an idea for a new “live” show performed for an audience of vegetables. It’s called, “The VeggieTales Show!” Mr. Nezzer offers his theater to Bob

A Lifetime Supply Of Joy


Larry the Cucumber is a finalist to receive a lifetime supply of Doodle-Whoppers Cookies! Now he can finally be happy! But when Junior Asparagus is revealed as the other finalist, Bob determines that both veggie friends need a lesson in the true meaning of “joy” — happiness that lasts. Bob rallies the veggies for a performance on the story of Paul and Silas — two friends who remained joyful even in the midst of a prison sentence.

The Power Of Love


Laura Carrot has an idea for a new show: LOVE! But when Bob and Larry’s ideas for the show fall flat, Petunia takes the reins with a hilarious spin on the Old Testament romance of Ruth and Boaz.

It’s Cool To Be Kind


Bob and Larry hope their big new show will change the world! But along the way, they begin to ignore the simple needs of their friends. Pa Grape steps in with his take on the story of Peter and John who stopped their big, important plans to help a lowly beggar who couldn’t walk.

A Shakesparagus Play


The famous playwright, ShakeSparagus, wants Larry to star in his next play. All is not well and doesn’t end well when being the star goes to Larry’s head. That’s when Bob decides that Larry needs to learn a lesson about humility. The Veggies reenact the biblical story of King Nebuchadnezzar and learn that whether you are a king or the star of a play, being humble and looking out for the interests of others is always the best way.

When Being Good Means Giving Up


Larry is ready to give up on being “good” when an act of goodness makes him miss out on a new collectible toy he really wants. Pa Grape steps in and tells a Western version of the Foolish Rich Man parable from Luke 12. Bob and Larry learn that doing things God’s way might lead to some bad days, but ultimately leads to the happy ending we all really want.

Little Things Matter


Madame Blueberry is upset that Junior failed to water her prized plant while she was out of town. Junior thought it was no big deal since it was just a plant. Pa Grape and Archie teach Junior the importance of being faithful to what you say you will do using the parable of the talents and the story of David and Jonathan’s friendship.

Patience Takes Practice


Larry has a great idea for an upcoming show: the story of the Wright Brothers and their invention of the airplane! Bob likes the idea a lot but gets terribly impatient with everyone while putting together the show. Bob’s can’t wait attitude creates all kinds of trouble on set and Petunia rallies the Veggies to perform the story of Noah as a lesson in patience.

Being Gentle Makes You Great


Archie suggests a story from British history, which excites Bob because of a fancy new costume that will work perfectly! Bob erupts though when he learns that Jimmy and Jerry have ruined the costume because they didn’t know how to wash it on the gentle cycle. From this, the veggies all learn a lesson about gentle actions and gentle words.

LarryBoy and the Cape-Coat Caper


When LarryBoy’s biggest super-fan, Callie Flower, accidentally wrecks the LarryMobile, she makes a not-so-good choice and lies. Callie’s lie causes trouble for LarryBoy and the residents of Bumblyburg lose faith in their superhero. Will Callie learn the importance of telling the truth?

The Wonderfulness of Wisdom


Excited about his new smart phone, Larry believes access to more knowledge will solve all his problems. Pa Grape and Madame Blueberry suggest there might be something even more important than knowledge – wisdom! Petunia launches a retelling of the biblical story of Abigail and Nabal to show the true value of wisdom.

Forgiveness Brings The Fixing


Larry wants to play his new kazoo in the show, but his kazoo is broken. Junior and Laura are determined to do their space show but it goes horribly wrong and spoils their friendship. So many things are breaking on the Veggie set, but Pa Grape suggests the story of the Prodigal Son to learn about how to fix broken friendships. Join the Veggies as they learn the importance of forgiveness in mending a relationship that is broken.

A Tale Of True Courage


When Madame Blueberry develops a bad case of the hiccups, the opera she is set to preform is called off. Callie, a cauliflower with a flowery voice would be the perfect substitution if not for her terrible stage fright. The Veggie crew hears the story of Nehemiah’s bravery with hope that Callie can find her own.

Samson’s Bad Hair Day


Mr. Lunt has been growing out his hair which gives him the perfect opportunity to star as Samson in the new play for Mr. Nezzer’s theater. Bob thinks it’s the perfect idea for learning a lesson on self-control. The problem is Samson broke all of his promises and ended up not being very self-controlled at all! The Veggies finally land on the story of Daniel for an on point lesson on self control that delivers. No lion!

The Giving-est Day


Larry is learning a lesson in generosity! After he brings in enough donuts for everyone and doesn’t want to share, the Veggie crew tells the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 and how we can live a life of abundance when we trust in God!

The Good Shepherd


The Veggies are asked to perform for Mr. Nezzer’s mother who is visiting. Performing her favorite story of David and Goliath seems like the perfect fit but Mr. Nezzer keeps interfering with the show rehearsal and causes a blackout in the theater. The Veggies are completely in the dark and feeling afraid! Mother Nezzer saves the day with a story of The Good Shepherd and how we can always trust in God’s care.

The One and Only You


Larry, Junior and Laura went to a parade and came back to tell all of their Veggie buddies about the marching bands, balloons and the many interesting and important people in the parade. Meanwhile, Laura admits that she sometimes feels pretty ordinary and wonders if God sees her and cares about her. It’s through the story of Peter and Cornelius that Laura learns that God’s love is for EVERYONE.

Larryboy and The Angry Eyebrows Trouble


When super-villain Awful Alvin unleashes his angry eyebrows on Bumblyburg, it is up to LarryBoy to save the city from its own wrath; however, soon LarryBoy falls victim to his own rage. All seems lost, until Alfred discovers a cure for anger in God’s Word, and LarryBoy exchanges anger for blessings.

Don’t Give Up On Doing Good


Bob’s show is languishing in second place, while his cross-town rival, Guy Broccoli, is in first place and getting all kinds of attention. Bob wants his show to have first place! Bob sees an opportunity to win by stopping Guy Broccoli from getting to his show but Pa Grape intervenes to tell the story of David who could have stopped his enemy, King Saul. In the end we learn to trust God and to never grow weary in doing what’s right and good.

Don’t Stop Believing


The Veggies receive a letter from a fan asking for help in understanding what “faith” looks like and how to practice it in their everyday lives. Pa Grape suggests the Veggies act out the story of Abraham and Sarah who trusted God for a child even when it seemed impossible. Their faith in God helps us all learn about how to practice faith in God every day in big things and in small things!

Naaman Takes A Bath


Laura Carrot is training as Bob’s “Assistant Stage Manager” but she’s having a hard time following Bob’s directions. The Veggies perform the story of Naaman, a proud man with leprosy, who refused to perform a simple ritual to be healed by God. When Naaman learns the consequences of not following directions, Laura similarly realizes how not following directions leads to all kinds of trouble on the set.

Larryboy and The Emperor Of Envy


When super-villain Awful Alvin unleashes his angry eyebrows on Bumblyburg, it is up to LarryBoy to save the city. Ultimately even LarryBoy falls victim to the angry eyebrows effects and all seems lost for Bumblyburg with everyone arguing all the time. Just in time, Alfred discovers a cure for anger and together with LarryBoy they help everyone exchange anger for blessings.

Larryboy and The Menacing Mushroom


Buttons Crimini, a grudge-bearing criminal mushroom, is determined to sow seeds of conflict among The League Of Incredible Vegetables and take over Bumblyburg while they’re busy arguing. Ricochet seeks to expose the plot, and with Alfred’s help, convince LarryBoy, Thingamabob, Vogue and S-Cape to “forgive one another and walk in love.”

Larryboy and Awful Alvin’s Grudge


The League of Incredible Vegetables leaps into action when a series of wild, weird weather events devastate the town of Bumblyburg. LarryBoy and Alfred discover that an old enemy, Awful Alvin, is responsible for the attacks and Larryboy is the only one that can stop him!

The Grumble Cure


Mr. Nezzer’s theater is in desperate need of repair and Bob is tired of trying to produce shows where there always seems to be something that is broken. Bob is putting together a show about the Israelites wandering in the desert. As Bob watches the insidious plague of the “complainer family’ in Moses procession, Bob is reminded of the dangers of complaining. It’s a valuable lesson for Bob and he learns an important lesson in being thankful in whatever challenges that God allows for us.

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