Mailbag 1: Micah’s Favorite Bible Story!


What’s Micah’s favorite Bible Story? Learn what it is… and if Gabe can fit 100 marshmallows in his mouth?!

Mailbag 2: Who’s Micah’s Best Friend?


Who is Micah’s best friend? Lydia? Armin? In this episode of Micah’s Mailbag, learn who it is… and whether Micah would rather be a sock or a chair?!

Mailbag 3: Micah’s Favorite Verse!


What’s Micah’s favorite Bible verse? Find out what it is and check out some fan art!

Mailbag 4: What’s Your Favorite Food


What is Micah’s favorite food? In this episode of Micah’s Mailbag, learn what Micah loves to eat and what we need even more than food to make us healthy and whole!

Mailbag 5: Who is Micah’s Favorite Teacher?


Who is Micah’s favorite teacher? Mr. Turtell? Ms. Petunia? In this episode of Micah’s Mailing, learn Micah’s favorite teacher and school subject and the real reason it’s important to work hard at everything we do!

Mailing #6: What is Micah’s Biggest Fear?


What is Micah’s biggest fear? In this episode of Micah’s Mailing, learn the things Micah is afraid of and how he overcomes those fears with God’s truth!

Gabe’s Donut Dilemma (Thankfulness)


It’s donut time for Micah and his friends! When Gabe starts comparing what he has with what others have, he learns to be thankful; to look at the donut and not the hole.

Show and Smell


When Show and Tell doesn’t turn out the way Micah planned, his class status drops to an all-time low. Just when he thinks things can’t get any worse, life gets really stinky before Micah learns that God’s love is the only acceptance he needs.

Introducing Micah’s Super Vlog


Meet Micah and his best friends Armin and Lydia – and join them in their adventures in Micah’s Super Vlog!

Let’s Talk About Easter!


Bunnies? Chocolate? Eggs? What is Easter all about anyway? Micah, Armin, and Lydia share with Gabe how Easter is really all about how God loves us.

Micah Superstar


When Micah finds himself cast as the ’star’ of Mrs. Petunia’s upcoming school play, his popularity is at an all time high, but as events unfold he learns the hard way that pride comes before a fall.

Nebby Rap


In a follow up to Micah Superstar, Micah and the gang go musical! Sing-along as the Micah’s Super Vlog crew rap about pride through the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and their run-in with a distinctly Chet-like King Nebuchadnezzar.

Über Jealous


Micah’s envy gets the best of him after his classmate Hanz flaunts his cool new robot.

Dennis Raps about Sandwiches


From grilled cheese to meatloaf – Dennis raps about some of his favorite sandwiches!

Merry Christmas


Micah, Armin, and Lydia celebrate the real reason for the season – Jesus! And Micah shares a gift with his friends too…

Mr. Kleeny Bot


Mr. Kleeny-bot cleans up most situations. Order Now!

It’s a Long Way Down


Gabe learns a valuable lesson about gravity and what really saves you! Based on John 14:6 – Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

The Prayer Song


Why would you talk to God about a sardine sandwich?! Gabe finds out how easy it is to pray with the help of his friends and Ephesians 6:18.

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