Belt Of Truth


When faced with a lie about his identity, Micah has two choices: will he believe it or fight back with the Belt of Truth?

Chestplate of Righteousness


Micah discovers the importance of suiting up and using the Chestplate of Righteousness when Chet, the school bully, pressures him to do something he knows isn’t right.

Boots Of Peace


After Micah’s backpack goes missing and he gets stuck playing The Lonely Ravioli, his troubles become too much to bare without the Boots of Peace!

Shield Of Faith


While Lydia and Armin help Micah study for a test he forgot about during lunch, Hanz disguises himself as Mr. Turtell and tries to trick Micah by giving him answers to the test. Will he give in to the temptation to cheat or suit up with the Shield of Faith?

Helmet Of Salvation


PB and Jane plant thoughts in Micah’s mind that make him wonder if he’ll be able to pass his test. Will he listen to those thoughts and give up or remember God’s truth with the Helmet of Salvation?

Sword Of The Spirit


After all of his failed attempts to ruin Micah’s day, Hanz activates his butler robot to start a fight with Micah. Micah must overcome his anger by suiting up with the final piece of the Armor of God – the Sword of the Spirit.

The Armor Of God Music Video


Sing-along to Micah’s Super Vlog – Armor of God’s theme song, and remember to suit up to face the devil’s schemes!

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