The Messenger


Christmas is when we celebrate that baby Jesus was born, but the story really began years and years and years before that very first Christmas. Learn about the prophet Isaiah and his message about Jesus’ birth in this 5-minute family devotional!

Born In A Barn


God’s people waited many many years for the promised Messiah to come. And when Jesus finally did arrive, it didn’t happen the way people expected. Learn the true meaning of Christmas through this story of Jesus’ birth in this 5-minute family devotional!

Shepherds and Angels


Baby Jesus made quite an entrance and that was just the beginning of how God would use Him to turn the world upside down! Learn how God chose shepherds—the lowliest people—to share the good news of Jesus’ birth that very first Christmas in this 5-minute family devotional!

The Wise Men


The angels announced Jesus’ arrival to shepherds that first Christmas! But stinky, smelly shepherds weren’t the only ones who were excited about God’s promised blessing. Learn about the Wise Men and their journey to meet Jesus in this 5-minute family devotional.

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