One is the sun in the sky, two are my hands and my eyes. Let’s count up to ten and learn about numbers with Lili Fish, Judi Bee and Kodi Fox.



A is for apple, B is for ball – but how do they sound? Learn the ABC and basic phonics, singing along with Lili Fish, Kodi Fox and Judi Bee.

Take A Walk


Let’s take a walk with Kodi, Lili and Judi. We meet a dog, a duck, a cow – and who else? Let’s learn about animal sounds!

Color Spy


What colors can I spy with my little eye? Let’s go outside to play a game of Color Spy and see how many colors we can find!

Me and You


I am me, you are you, we are friends, and so are you! Kodi, Lili and Judi become friends and learn about basic pronouns.

Walk, Jump, Run


Kodi, Judi and Lili love to walk, jump and run – but what else can they do when they transform? Discover Labuntina’s imaginative world!



Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I’m sad. Feelings can be confusing for Kodi, Judi and Lili. Let’s sing a song and learn about them!

Tic Tok Time


Tic-Toc’, the second hand goes around the clock. From seconds, minutes and hours to days, weeks and months. ‘Tic-toc’, time never stops!

Bath Time


Hello, yellow squeaky duck, it’s time to have a bath with you! Judi, Lili and Kodi love to have a bath with their yellow squeaky duck.

Bed Time


Bed time has come for Judi, Lili and Kodi. What do they need to do before going to sleep?

Hop Happy Song


When you’re feeling restless or need a little help cheering up, just turn the music on and dance to the “Hop Happy Song”!

Seed To Plant


Kodi, Judi, and Lili explore “before and after” by planting different seeds and observing how they grow into plants.



This is big, that is small; something hot, something cold. The children learn that there are opposites everywhere!

Try Again


When things don’t go as planned, try, try, and try again and you’ll eventually get it right, but it’s also ok to ask for help.

Dear Pet


Kodi loves his new cat, but soon he finds out that though having a pet is wonderful, it means much more than just feeding and playing!



There are so many ways to be kind. A simple act of kindness can work wonders and change someone’s day.



Kodi, Lili, and Judi observe nature all around them as it changes through the four seasons. Every season is special and there is always something fun to do!

Ready To Go


On a freezing winter morning the children are in a rush to go outside and play, but must learn to dress up properly and keep warm, or.. Brrr!

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