Because You’re Gorgeous


Warthog is proud of his lion-like head of hair. He struts proudly around until one lock of hair springs out of place. This simply will not do but the stubborn hair refuses to fall back in place. Warthog does all he can to regain his pristine looks but the more he tries the worse it gets.

I Believe I Can Fly


Baby Ostrich is tired of being bound to the ever-watchful eye of his mother. He looks up in the sky and sees an eagle soaring high above him, free and majestic. Suddenly Baby Ostrich has a mission, a purpose. Nobody told him ostriches can’t ¬y and even if they did he wouldn’t let that little technicality get in his way. He’s going to soar with the eagles if it’s the last thing he does!

You Don’t Bring Me Flowers


Springbok is out on his morning bounce when suddenly something catches his attention. It is a female springbok. After an embarrassing collision with a rock-face Springbok notices a beautiful flower high above. He decides to try and win her affections by getting her the flowers but this turns out to be a lot more perilous than Springbok could’ve imagine.

Blowin’ In The Wind


Ant is tasked with taking a leaf back to his anthill. This seems simple enough until nature conspires to make it a task of Herculean proportions.

I Love Rock And Roll


The day Springbok discovers his echo turns out to be a lot more eventful than one could imagine. Delighted by the rebounding sound Springbok begins to tap out a beat. Who knew that making music could be so fun…and treacherous as Springbok is about to discover.

If At First You Don’t Succeed


Elephant is happily eating his morning helping of seeds. Happy, that is, until he spots a much bigger meal in a tree high overhead. He will do anything to get to the enticing fruit, even change the evolution of trees!

This Little Light Of Mine


Firefly has had a long hard day and is looking forward to a good long sleep. He can’t fall asleep, however, as his light keeps shining in his eyes. After much trial and error Firefly finally manages to put out his light only to discover that he is afraid of the dark!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow


Chameleon is proud of his appearance. He is pristine and white. When he gets some mud on his hand he is not impressed. He’s about to get a lot less impressed as a world of color is about to befall him.



Giraffe has a stiff neck. This is a particularly large concern for Giraffe as he is mostly neck as it is. He tries everything to get his neck back to normal, but things get a lot worse before they get better.

I’m Like A Bird


Tortoise’s day takes a serious turn for the weird when his shell gets a puncture and deflates. Not only that but in his attempts to get out of his limp shell he knocks an egg out of its nest. His attention turns to helping the egg return home during which his deflated shell proves surprisingly useful.

Down By The Riverside


All frog wants to do is go for a nice cool swim in his stream, but for some reason he cannot seem to get into the water. From sap sticking to his feet to errant lily pads everything seems to be conspiring to keep him dry. That is until…

I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts


Monkey has found a coconut. He happily sets about trying to eat it only to discover that coconut eating is quite a tricky thing. Try as he might he cannot get through the hard shell of the coconut so he’s gives up in frustration. The coconut however does not give up on Monkey and nature and gravity conspire to keep the coconut crossing Monkey’s path. How will Monkey escape this hard-shelled menace?

Better Be Home Soon


Bee is bored. Bored, bored, bored. The swarm are looking for a new place to set up their hive and it’s turning out to be quite a long journey. Bee tries to keep himself amused but only manages to annoy the rest of the swarm.

Tiny Bubbles


Fish feels the joy and sadness of making friends with bubbles.

Can’t Touch This


Sneaky Octopus tries to capture a tasty clam, which proves trickier than he thought.



Elephant is distraught when he accidentally stands on a flower.

There’s No Place Like Home


Hermit Crab gets terrified after losing his shell.

Can’t Fight This Feeling


Penguin is hungry but how is he going to get down the cliff?



Monkey finds himself in a giant jungle up among the clouds.



A puddle of water keeps on escaping from thirsty Rhino.

Wake Me Up


Polar Bear wakes up from a long winter sleep – or at least he tries to wake up.

Another Brick In The Wall


Lazy Bee is left to his own devices to finish the hive’s honey combs.



Landing is harder than it looks as Blue Crane struggles to get a clean touch down.

Deeper Underground


Hedgehog digs himself a lovely burrow but makes it too deep to climb out.



A lightning storm plays havoc on Giraffe’s nerves.

The Winner Takes It All


Dolphin takes part in the race of his life – against an inanimate sea urchin shell.

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