When CJ is frustrated that it’s not her turn on the bouncy castle, she daydreams about what it would be like to be in charge of everything and crowns herself as queen of the treehouse! She soon discovers that being queen is about serving people faithfully rather than bossing people around and together the Pandas learn that we can look to God as the perfect model of faithfulness.



The Pandas have a day off and are all doing things they love. The problem is that what Lulu would love is to have some peace and quiet … and everyone else wants to do things that are noisy! The Pandas learn that love is kind and that we must think of others before ourselves.



When Rory discovers that Lulu has lost her voice, he does everything he can think of to help her find it; looking around the treehouse, in the garden, and under some empty pizza boxes! Together, the pandas work together to come up with a perfect solution that will allow Lulu to perform their latest song! Along the way they demonstrate how God calls us to be kind and loving to others.



With time running out before the Pandas perform a livestream gig, Milo is frustrated that the computer is taking so much time to update! After seeing how his friends are able to happily wait for the update to finish, Milo decides to turn to prayer and asks God to help him become more patient.



When the Pandas receive a drum machine, Benji worries he might lose his place in the band. Lulu tries to help him feel better by telling him he could never be replaced because the Pandas love him! Benji digs deep and realizes that his friends make him very happy … but even more important than that, he has Jesus in his heart and that makes him feel truly joyous!

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