Why Is Christmas So Confusing?


Sometimes it feels like there are 2 Christmases – Jesus Christmas vs. Santa Christmas. Learn along with Buck Denver and friends about how our favorite Christmas traditions point to the real reason for the season – Jesus!

Why Do We Call It Christmas?


Where did the word “Christmas” come from? Learn about the history of the word Christmas and what it really means.

Why Do We Celebrate on December 25th?


Was Jesus really born on December 25th? Learn what we know about Jesus’ birthday!

What Year Was Jesus Born?


When was Jesus born? Not in the year 0!

Why Do We Have Christmas Trees?


Do you know the history of Christmas trees? Learn why people started chopping down evergreens and using them to decorate their homes at Christmastime.

Who Is St. Nicholas?


Who is the real Jolly Ol’ St. Nicholas? Learn all about the original Nicholas, a Church leader who helped the poor.

How Did St. Nicholas Become Santa Claus?


Learn how St. Nicholas became Santa Claus and how St. Nicholas Day and the Christ’s Mass came together to be what we now know as Christmas.

Why Does Santa Ring a Bell?


Have you ever seen someone dressed up as Santa ringing a bell and asking for money? Learn more about the Salvation Army and the work they do.

What is Hanukkah?


Happy Hanukkah! Learn all about the history of this Jewish holiday!

Where Was Jesus Born?


Do you know where Jesus was born? Find out all about his birth in Bethlehem.

What Special Message Did the Angels Bring?


Find out what message the angels brought to the shepherds on the night of Jesus’ birth.

Who is Emmanuel?


We sing a lot about “Emmanuel” at Christmastime, but did you know that “Emmanuel” means “God with us”?

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