5 Ways to Help Your Kids Learn About Jesus This Summer

June 5, 2024

Published June 3, 2024 in Nashville Christian Family

On the way to soccer practice one night, my 5-year-old son gazed out the car window, looked up into the sky and said, “Mom, wouldn’t it be cool if we could take a rocket ship to heaven so we could meet Jesus?”

Yeah, buddy. That would be SO COOL!

Back then, my boy was young and he was only just beginning his relationship with Jesus. But we talked about Jesus often and little by little, his Savior became more real to him. I love that his heart longed to know Jesus then, even if he didn’t realize it. His questions told me that he was searching to understand this person we talk so much about in our home.

Through the Christmas and Easter seasons, we have the amazing opportunity to talk about Jesus with our kids. But learning about Jesus doesn’t have to stop after the big Christian holidays and especially during these carefree summer months. In fact, summer offers amazing opportunities to help our kids learn about Jesus. New seasons are the perfect time to introduce new rhythms. As you assess your summer schedule, commit to finding pockets of time to practice small devotional habits. Try these five simple ways to learn about Jesus and make Him more real for your kids (even though we can’t take a rocket ship to visit Him).

5 Ways to Help Your Kids Learn About Jesus This Summer

1. Do a Seasonal Devotional – When introducing a new habit or rhythm, it’s helpful to find a framework or something you can follow to keep you going. There are countless family devotional resources available so do a quick online search to find something your family can get excited about. Or check out Minno’s 5 Minute Family Devotionals. We have a few that are all about Jesus and will fit easily into your busy schedule because they are super simple and quick!

2. Go on a Virtual Adventure! – Kids may not yet be ready to “go into the world and preach the Gospel” like Jesus taught but they can develop a Christ-like worldview, even at a young age. Choose a country or region of the world and study its history, culture, and people. Commit to pray for the country and research ways you can support mission work there. This activity will not only teach kids about a new place, but it will also open their minds to a bigger worldview which is a big part of following Jesus.

3. Watch Movies – Yes, you can learn about Jesus during family movie night! After you watch any movie, talk about it together and look for Jesus moments in the story. If the spiritual themes aren’t obvious, find ways to point discussions about character and life lessons back to Jesus. This is a skill that will help kids find Jesus in everyday experiences throughout their lifetime. Try it out by watching Laugh & Grow Bible for Kids on Minno and use our family discussion guide to spark conversations.

4. Find a Simple Summer Bible Reading Plan – Download the Minno Laugh and Grow Bible Summer Scrapbook which includes outdoor activities and corresponding BIble stories to read together. Or you can use Minno’s Simple Summer Bible Reading Plan or create your own! Remember, it’s not about how much you read (especially with kids) but more about including Bible reading into your everyday routines.

5. Make It Part of the Fun! – Look for fun Bible teaching games like the Minno Pool Noodle Memory Verse activity to make scripture memory a part of your summer fun. These ideas work well on a rainy day when you are stuck indoors. There are a ton of fun games like this one online (do a Pinterest search and you’ll discover so many options).

The greatest hope of Christian parents is for our kids to follow Jesus for their whole lives. But how can our kids develop a deep relationship with Jesus unless they get to know who He is? We can turn even the most mundane moments into opportunities to learn about Jesus when we set our hearts on growing together through every season.

Find all of these summer resources and more at gominno.com/blog

Jess Wolstenholm is the VP of Education and Publishing at Minno, a children’s media company that exists to help kids and families experience Jesus every day. Jess is the executive producer of the Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids animated series and editor of the Laugh and Grow Bible. After 25 years in children’s ministry leadership, she is now putting her experience and expertise to work developing discipleship content that meets kids where they are at every age and stage. Jess received her undergraduate degree from Belmont University and her Master of Education from Liberty University. She lives just outside Nashville, TN with her husband and two children.
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