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The #1 Source of Christian Content for Kids!

Where God comes to life in stories kids love.

What is Minno?

Minno is a place where God’s goodness comes to life! We’re the leading voice around the globe for using media to spark kids’ imaginations and curiosity around God and the Bible.

Our Mission

Minno uses the power of media to invite kids into God’s Story and help them experience Jesus every day, in every way—on and off screens.

Our Work

Minno is the premier provider of Christian kids content around the globe.
We connect families through media and technology that creates shared faith experiences, supporting parents and grownups as they pave the way for enduring spiritual growth in the kids they love. 

Here, There, and Everywhere

Minno is here, there, and everywhere to help kids and families experience Jesus every day, every way.

Kids First

At Minno, we put kids first! We know how they think, how they play, how they learn, and what matters to them at every age and stage.

Leading the Way

Only Minno creates best-in-class Christian kids content through fun original shows that nurture faith formation!

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Faith First, Worry-Free

At Minno, grownups can hit play and feel okay! Minno is a safe, faith-first destination where parents and caregivers can exhale, trusting that kids are spending time with content that supports Christian values.

Why Christian Media for Kids Matters

Most Christians commit to Jesus before age 14 – a stage when one of the biggest influences in many kids’ lives is the 2-3 hours daily they are spending on screens. Yet most media for kids doesn’t mention Jesus or represent Christian faith at all. And most content for Christians doesn’t focus on kids. Minno changes that!

Our Promise

At Minno, we put kids first AND faith first! Rooted in biblical truth, Minno uniquely offers:

  1. Experiential excellence with top-tier competitive quality that raises the bar for Christian kids content. 

  2. Safe, curated, kid-friendly, content that is entertaining, engaging, age-appropriate, and biblically aligned.

  3. Practical support to cultivate faith, invite conversation, and foster spiritual growth. 

  4. A destination that values the global church and its diversity and honors people as image bearers of God.

Our Values

  • God is here, there, and everywhere
  • Kids deserve excellence
  • Stories matter: God’s Story (the Bible) matters. Your story matters
  • Media can play an important role in child and family faith formation
  • God’s church is big
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What Does "MINNO" Mean?

Minno comes from the Greek word “meno” meaning “to abide.” In the Gospel of John, Jesus says, “Abide in me, and I will abide in you” (John 15:4). Another way to say it is: Live with me, and I’ll make my home in you. Inspired by this invitation, Minno aims to help kids and  families experience the goodness of God through amazing stories, shows, books, and resources.